Traffic PortalΒΆ

Traffic Portal is an AngularJS 1.x client served from a Node.js web server designed to consume the Traffic Ops 1.x API. Traffic Portal provides a set of functionality restricted to the delivery service(s) of the authenticated user. Functionality primarily includes a set of charts / graphs designed to provide insight into the performance of a user’s delivery service(s).

Charts / Graphs include:

  • Overall Cache Group Status
  • Delivery Service Bandwidth Per Second
  • Delivery Service Transactions Per Second
  • Delivery Service HTTP Status By Class
  • Delivery Service Capacity
  • Delivery Service Routing Methods
  • Delivery Service Cache Group Status

Other features:

  • Ability to manager user profile
  • Ability to reset user password
  • Ability to view delivery service configuration
  • Ability to invalidate content for a delivery service
  • Ability to retrieve all caches associated with a delivery service
  • Ability to request a new delivery service